Bramall Park Golf Club

Golf at BPGC


Dress Code & Etiquette


Appropriate and suitable golf clothing should be worn at all times. Golf Shoes must be worn. Tailored shorts may be worn with either predominantly white ankle sports socks or long socks (just below the knee, of any colour). Baseball caps must be worn the right way round.   

The following are not permitted under any circumstances on the golf course: t-shirts, jeans, cut-down or frayed shorts, cargo shorts (unless specifically designed for golf by a golf clothing manufacturer), or any camouflage patterned golf clothing.

Shirts should be tucked into your trousers at all times. Some tailored ladies shirts which are designed to wear over shorts or trousers are permitted.


A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times in the Bars, Lounge and Dining Room. It is not necessary to change for lunch (other than shoes), but dirty or wet clothing is not considered a reasonable standard. Baseball caps and any other headgear should be removed when in the Clubhouse.

The Club will not be responsible for any item left unattended in the Car Park or Locker Rooms.

The Club accepts no liability for injury, loss or damage to persons or their property whilst on the golf course, in the Clubhouse or any other area of the club. We recommend all participants to have adequate insurance cover in respect of such matters.

Smoking including electronic cigarettes is not permitted within the clubhouse or balcony.

The use of Mobile phones for voice calls is not allowed in the clubhouse or on the course unless in case of emergency.

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