Bramall Park Golf Club


In 1894 people saw the realisation of many great dreams, including the opening of the Manchester Ship Canal and the enormous pipeline that brought water from the Lake District to this region.

As one prestigious national project followed another 40 keen golfers sat together on the evening of October 8th and saw no reason why they could not construct a golf course in the area within a month.

They agreed that if 50 members could be persuaded to join at an entrance fee of 1 Guinea with an annual subscription of a similar figure, a Club should be formed.

One of the prime movers in this venture was Sir Charles Nevill, the then owner of Bramall Hall. His early association with the Club is still acknowledged today. Our main lounge is named after him. Members compete each year to win one of our most prestigious board competitions, The Nevill Challenge Cup.

When the clupb opened there were 75 members using land rented from a local farmer for £30 per year. The first round of golf was played on November 10th, 1894. At that time, it was a rough but easily recognisable 9-hole course. Plans were then quickly drawn up for the erection of a rustic pavilion where members could meet to discuss further plans.

The present clubhouse was built in 1923.

Soon after the end of the First World War, the Club purchased an additional 99 acres of land and the course was modified in the early 1920s by Alister Mackenzie.  Bramall Park is officially listed as a “Mackenzie Course” and forms part of a cluster of nine courses within a 60 mile radius

The Cavendish Mackenzie Trail.

In 1934 further improvements to the course were made following advice from James Braid. These included the addition of 15 bunkers, the laying of 2000 yards of drainpipe on the 6th fairway and the planting of the poplars down the side of the 10th & 11th fairways. 

In 2024 the Club celebrates its 130th year anniversary.            


           Alister Mackenzie                         James Braid

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