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Terms and Conditions

Please see below the entry process and we look forward to welcoming you on the day.

Entry Procedure

Entry into our Am-Am and Open Competitions hosted by Bramall Park Golf Club is available using an online web form.

All of our Open Competitions require immediate payment; until you have made the payment your entry will not be valid. Entries are taken on a ‘first come first served’ basis as there are maximum numbers we can accommodate at each event. Once this limit is reached you are welcome to add yourself as a reserve.  If you do not make the final field, your entry fee will be refunded.  All other refunds are subject to our general refund and cancellation policy.

What you need to enter a competition

Before you enter one of our competitions you will need the following:

Your Handicap Index and associated CDH ID. (Central Database of Handicapping ID).  If you are entering a team competition then you will need the CDH ID for each player you wish to enter.
A valid email address. You will receive confirmation of your on-line entry, payment, start time and information about the competition via email.
A valid credit or debit card. We require the entry fee to be paid online at the time of entry.  Our online system provides a secure method of payment and your card details will be encrypted.
Note for the AmAm ONLY visitors are very welcome to play in the event but without a handicap index they will be unable to win the main prizes.

General Terms and Conditions

Course Closure

In the event of severe weather, which may cause the golf course to become unplayable, providing all groups have completed at least 14 holes, the competition will be run over this shortened course. This will only happen in the event of severe weather conditions.

In the event of 14 holes not being able to be completed, a full refund of your green fee (green fee voucher) or roll over to next year will be offered.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your booking more than 1 month before your date of play, you will receive a full refund of your entry fees. If you cancel your booking with less than 1 month's notice you will lose your whole entry fee. 

Failure to Cancel Your Booking

If you fail to cancel your booking, or fail to turn up, the entry will be treated as a cancellation.

Booking Transferable

The Booking is completely transferable. Therefore, should you be unable to make your selected tee time, you can offer the tee time to someone else such as a family member or friend (subject to specific restriction that might apply to the competition such as no two members from Bramall Park being eligible to make a pair).

Booking Conditions

The Event Organisers or Committee reserve the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason. In the case of all disputes, which are referred to them, after proper consideration and investigation the decision of the Event Organisers or Committee is Final.

Dress Code 

Our Dress code can be viewed here.

If you have any queries please contact the office on 0161 485 7101.

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